Don't buy a painting because you like the artist. Itīs the work of art that should touch you. (Or not.) It is absolutely unnecessary to know anything about the painter in order to appreciate what he has created.

There is always somebody who thinks he knows better. In this case his name is Gert Jan Pos. He may be right. This is what he writes:

Fred Appel, variations on a theme.

Always. Without hesitation. Improvisation is self-evident. Like a jazz musician uses his chord schemes he tries to find and create structures in his sketches, drawings, and eventually his paintings. It may start with a figurative image, after which the improvisation evolves into abstraction.

A recurring theme has presented itīs self during a bus trip between Malaga and Granada. The differences in height showed the vastness of the numerous olive groves. Almost geometrical. Add the red colour of the earth as seen from a plane flying above Andalusia. The landscape is structured by the strict agricultural planting of the olive trees and at the same time pleasantly led astray by of the hills and the mountains. This image stuck in his head and became an inexhaustable source for many different visual interpretations. As did among other things, the legs of his girlfriend and the soccer played by Ajax. The starting points can sometimes be the same. The paintings are all different.

He paints all the time. Claims to have known all his life that painting would become his main occupation. He has made some impractical startup choices though, like financing by means of a strenuous office job. But at this time he focuses full time on his art.

He likes to share his creations, to convey his fascination. This site gives an impression of what his paintings look like.

In reality they look better. Come along to have a look at them.